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Auto Accident

Auto Accident Injury Treatment in Murrells Inlet, SC

The sudden impact of a car accident can cause injuries that are not always immediately apparent. The body typically responds to such situations by producing excess amounts of adrenaline which can mask pain temporarily. An auto accident injury can source tremendous pain that can quickly become debilitating without proper treatment. If you are looking for a natural way to get pain relief and heal your injuries, our auto accident chiropractor at Grand Stand Health and Wellness in Murrells Inlet offers holistic solutions to alleviate common auto injury symptoms.

Murrells Inlet women is being taken away by paramedics in a gurney

Common Auto Accident Symptoms Our Chiropractor in Murrells Inlet Treats

Even vehicle impacts at five miles per hour or less can result in serious injuries and broken bones that can take weeks and months to heal. While certain issues may require surgery and the temporary use of pain medication, our esteemed chiropractor Dr. Chris Garner can help you get relief from several car accident symptoms. Muscle strains, back aches, neck pain, whiplash, lower lumbar injuries, migraines, swelling and limited range of motion conditions typically respond very well to our gentle, natural chiropractic care techniques.

It is recommended by chiropractors to seek treatment right away after an auto accident, because these injuries may not always be readily apparent. Immediate care ensures your condition is documented in situations where legal action may be necessary. But most importantly, it helps relieve your pain and restore your health so that you can move on with your normal routine.

Services and Techniques from Our Auto Accident Chiropractor

Here at Grand Stand Health and Wellness, our Murrells Inlet chiropractor is pleased to offer both manual and tool-assisted adjustment techniques. For patients reluctant to manual spinal adjustments or are in too much pain to tolerate the procedure, the Pro Adjuster tool gets the job done. In fact, the Pro Adjuster is so gentle, that we use it on patients of all ages ranging from infants to seniors.

We also complement our spinal alignments to ease car accident injuries with an array of physiotherapy techniques like cold laser therapy and electric stimulation to promote faster healing and provide pain relief deep at the source. Our mission is to identify the precise sources of your pain, so that you can get long term relief. If we suspect that your injuries are beyond the scope of our treatment, we provide referrals to other local professionals that can help meet your needs.

Contact Grand Strand Health and Wellness for Auto Accident Treatment

Don’t spend another day wondering about the extent of your auto accident injury, come and see Dr. Chris Garner today. We can help you navigate insurance claims while assisting you with pain relief and an expedited healing process. Contact our Murrells Inlet, SC auto accident chiropractor today at (843) 357-9355 to schedule a no-obligation consultation with Dr. Garner.