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The ReBuilder is a highly sophisticated computerized medical device that alleviates pain with no side effects. The ReBuilder calms overactive nerves, stimulates underactive nerves, strengthens muscles and increases local blood flow. When used for knee therapy, it can prevent disuse muscle atrophy, a common side effect of surgery. In many cases, direct electrical stimulation with the ReBuilder can completely avoid knee surgery.

How Does It Work?

The ReBuilder is not a common TENS device that simply blasts your nerves so your brain cannot perceive the pain. These devices, by their very nature, cause permanent numbness, like standing in front of a blaring train horn all day can destroy your hearing. These devices overload your brain with huge signals 90 to 10,000 times per second in addition to the uncontrolled large voltages and current they use. If your Doctor recommends these dangerous devices, cheaply made in China, we recommend that you change doctors.

Peripheral neuropathy is a progressive disease and can lead to amputations and a life in a wheel chair. If your Doctor recommends drugs for pain, they cause numbness (that's how they work), and can cause addiction and life threatening side effects. Simply read the side effects of Lyrica, for example.

Knee pain can result in replacement surgery with titanium joints. The Rebuilder, when used prior to such surgery, can prepare your knees and lower legs for faster healing after surgery, and when used post operatively, can reduce the need for addictive drugs for pain control, and aid in faster recovery of range of motion, etc.

What does the ReBuilder do?

1. When first turned on, your ReBuilder evaluates your body's electrical state and it then sets itself for your safety. It can tell the difference between a 100 lb lady and a 300 lb athlete. Thus it is self limiting. No other device does this.

2. It then sends a healthy nerve signal from foot to foot (or hand to hand) and then goes quiet to listen to the self generated response to that signal that the body sends up to your brain. No other device does this.

3. It copies and evaluates that (dysfunctional) signal and compares it to a proper signal and creates a custom compensating signal, like a pacemaker does for your heart signal. No other device does this.

4. It then sends this signal 7.83 times a second to gently coax your nerves to relearn how to send a healthy signal that can reach the brain. No other device does this.

5. This is a very slow signal that relaxes the brain and encourages your brain to release endorphins that travel throughout your body via your blood stream to help you relax, reduce pain in other parts of your body, and helps you get to sleep at night. Nerve impulses travel in excess of 240 miles per hour, so there is a relatively large resting phase between each ReBuilder signal to enable your nerves to absorb oxygen and other nutrients. No other device does this.

6. The ReBuilder evaluates your dysfunctional nerves and creates a compensating signal (like a Bose noise canceling headphone) 7.83 times per second because your nerves will begin to heal during the 30 minute treatment. No other device does this.

7. The ReBuilder also stimulates your nearby calf muscles to stimulate the venous muscle pump to increase local blood flow while it strengthens those muscles to avoid disuse muscle atrophy. No other device does this.

8. When used simultaneously with the warm water foot bath, the warm water expands the blood vessels in your feet and ankles (vasodilation) to allow more blood to reach your nerves and skin. This is especially beneficial for people suffering from diabetes. No other device does this.

9. The ReBuilder has a built in timer that gently turns itself off after the relaxing 30 minute treatment. No other device does this.

10. The ReBuilder is approved for the relaxation of muscle spasms.

11. The ReBuilder is approved for the prevention and retardation of disuse muscle atrophy.

12. The ReBuilder is approved for muscle re-education.

13. The Rebuilder is approved for immediate post-surgical stimulation of calf muscles to prevent venous thrombosis.

14. The ReBuilder is approved for maintaining or increasing range of motion.

15. The ReBuilder is approved for the symptomatic relief of chronic intractable pain.

16. The ReBuilder is approved for post traumatic and post surgical pain.

17. The ReBuilder can be accompanied by a nutritional supplement (ReStore) designed to specifically work synergistically with the ReBuilder's electrical signals. ReStore gives you the energy to get things done, and elevates your mood so you want to get things done. No sugar, wheat, lactose, fillers or other chemicals... it is all natural.

18. The ReBuilder is made in the USA in an FDA approved and inspected facility. No other device is made in America with American workers.

19. The ReBuilder has been in production for 30 years with no reported side effects or adverse reactions. No other device does this.

20. The ReBuilder is used in over 30 Cancer hospitals to reduce symptoms of chemotherapy induced neuropathy. No other device is used for this purpose in these hospitals.

21. The ReBuilder is a prescription device (we will provide your physician with the information he needs). If your doctor tries to dispense a non-prescription device, beware and change doctors.

22. Common TENS devices such as the Ultimate Neuro are not real prescription devices, your doctor can buy them for $12 to $45 dollars on Amazon and then charge you hundreds of dollars. Some of these devices claim to have a "ReBuilder Mode". They do not. The above functions are patented, and these companies are in violation of the law. Ask your doctor if his cheap Chinese toy can do all this.

23. The ReBuilder has more computing power than your IPhone. The ReBuilder costs more because it does more. (If you already have one of these "toys" call us and we can give you credit for it as a trade in... then we destroy it.)

24. The ReBuilder has many (Patent Pending) accessories that you can use when traveling, when you have open post surgical or traumatic wounds, or to treat the back, joints, or hands. These accessories only fit and work with the ReBuilder. No other device has these.

How does that affect the outcome?

By self-regulating its outgoing waveform, the ReBuilder is able to 'talk to your nerves' to control pain and discomfort without inhibiting the nerve's ability to propagate a normal impulse. It does not cause or exacerbate numbness to do its job. This is critical for a neuropathy sufferer, who may already be struggling with balance and gait issues and especially important when you are stimulating the entire leg. Could you imagine purposefully numbing both your legs from the waist down? What implications may that have?

Your body wants to heal itself

We just have to give it the tools to do so. By eliminating neuropathy pain without causing numbness, mobility is not compromised. By controlling symptoms without the use of medications, there are no debilitating side-effects. By controlling your dysfunctional nerves electronically instead of with drug use, it allows you to reduce or possibly discontinue (under your physician's guidance) your pain meds, eliminating side-effects you already may be experiencing as a result of ever-increasing dosages. By increasing circulation and blood flow in the extremities, you speed up the body's own natural healing process. You can further improve this with proper nutritional supplementation (ReStore) to provide the building blocks for nerve repair and overall health.

94% Effective


A study of 551 patients indicating the clinical success of the ReBuilder in relieving Peripheral Neuropathy symptoms.

In many instances, leg cramps vanished. Better mobility and more restful sleep were also experienced.

Benefits accumulate the more you use it.


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