Dr. Tommy Forrest

Doctor of Chiropractic Medicine

Position: Doctor of Chiropractic Medicine
Location: Murrells Inlet, South Carolina

My name is Dr. Tommy Forrest and I am excited about joining the TEAM here at Grand Strand Health and Wellness. My Chiropractic journey has not followed the normal course of events like most, but I have had the pleasure of practicing for over twenty years.

Growing up, I had a second cousin who was a Chiropractor and he would adjust the family when we saw him. The only problem was that I only saw him about three to four times my entire childhood. My parents did not believe in regular Chiropractic visits and fortunately we were never involved in any major injuries from sports or car collisions.

My first love was Sports Medicine. I have always been very involved with all sports, but tennis has been my life for quite a while.  I played collegiately for Baylor University and have continued to play as much as I possibly can.  Let me know if you play tennis!

It wasn’t until I was in graduate school at Indiana State University that I really saw the positive benefits of athletes getting adjusted on a regular basis.  Even when athletes were injured, those that were under Chiropractic care seemed to be back on the field or court in less time than those who did not get adjusted.  Upon graduation, I was fortunate enough to work for the summer with the Atlanta Hawks, San Antonio Spurs and the Miami Heat.  As we traveled from city to city playing basketball it amazed me how serious the professional athletes were about getting adjusted before every game or scrimmage.  They obviously knew something that I did not.

This intrigued me to the point that I wanted to know why, so I reached out to Chiropractors across the state to ask them questions on how I could become a part of this amazing new way to look at health and elite performance.  In 1996, I decided to enter Life Chiropractic University and learn how to remove nerve interference from our spine and make us healthier individuals.  Upon earning my Doctorate of Chiropractic, I worked for a Doctor who used the Activator Technique, which is a handheld instrument. That Doctor proved to me that you did not have to manually manipulate every patient that walked in.  He had amazing results using the Activator exclusively.

I eventually decided to open my own practice, Forrest Sport & Family Chiropractic, in Lumberton, NC where we raised our four children and became very active in the community.  I was very involved in my Church where I served as a Deacon, VP and President for the Kiwanis of Lumberton, and played guitar for the contemporary service.

I eventually sold my practice after 15 years to better focus my energy on helping others achieve health and wellness through regular chiropractic visits.  In my 30 years of healthcare, I have seen amazing results with Chiropractic and when you combine that with a healthy lifestyle both physically and spiritually you really do get the “BEST POSSIBLE YOU!”

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