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  1. Asthma and Chiropractic
  2. Strengthening Your Child’s Immune System
  3. Osteoporosis: Prevention through Chiropractic
  4. Human Genetic Potential and Chiropractic
  5. Restoring the Balance: Cervical Chiropractic & Hormones
  6. The Winning Edge: Athletic Performance Cervical Chiropractic
  7. The Cervical Curve: Structure, Function & Health
  8. Fibromyalgia: The Chiropractic Approach
  9. Challenging the Theory of Artificial Immunity
  10. Diabetes and Chiropractic
  1. Central nervous system control of the immune system & T-cells
  2. The role of inflammation in the healing process
  3. Aspirin: Helpful or Hazardous
  4. Antibiotics; 21st century time bomb
  5. Subluxation; A Scientific Reality
  6. Side-FX: The drug industry’s influence on health care
  7. Occupational Health and Chiropractic
  8. Pediatric Headaches and Chiropractic
  9. Vertebral Subluxations and Accelerated Aging
  10. HPV Research

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