Drug-free treatment is available for neuropathy & chronic nerve pain!

Peripheral neuropathy occurs when nerves are damaged, which can cause burning pain, weakness, debilitating balance issues, as well as tingling and numbness. The reason behind the damage to the nerves can be due to a number of things from increasingly high sugar levels in the blood (diabetes) to poor blood flow to the nerves, pesticide exposure, genetic factors, and chronic infections … just to name a few!

What Are the Signs & Symptoms Of Peripheral Neuropathy?

Overall, symptoms of this condition within the area affected include:

  • Burning pain
  • Numbness
  • Tingling
  • Deep stabbing pains
  • Muscle weakness
  • Balance issues

Another Root Cause – Auto Immunity

Auto-immune illnesses surface when the immune system mistakenly attacks the body. Oftentimes, the immune system will kill the nerves of a peripheral neuropathy patient, which is why it is vital to get tested and diagnosed to start a treatment plan.

Can The Nerves Heal?

The good news is that peripheral nerves can, in fact, heal. The key is not only healing the nerves but finding the underlying cause of why they were damaged in the first place. When the root cause of neuropathy is found, and support for the nerves is offered, it enhances the healing process.

To effectively heal damaged nerves, three factors must be established:

1.     The root cause of the nerve damage

2.     The severity of the nerve damage

3.     The types of nerve fibers that have been damaged

The body has both sensory (large diameter nerves and small fiber nerves) and motor nerves (control muscle movement).

It’s important to note: If neuropathy causes muscle weakness for more than two years, the damage to your muscle will likely be permanent.

How Long Does Treatment Take to Heal the Nerves?

This depends on the severity of your nerve damage and what fiber types were affected.

At Grand Strand Health and Wellness, we offer four main goals to patients:

1.     Stimulate damaged nerves (sensory and motor nerves) to improve your balance and decrease pain

2.     Improve blood flow to your nerves

3.     Enhance the body’s environment to promote nerve healing

4.     Reduce brain-based discomfort

Grand Strand Health and Wellness’ unique system enhances blood flow to the nerves in your hands and feet to help revitalize them, naturally.

No surgery or medications are needed within our program!

Our comprehensive and proprietary treatment plan uses up to 8 different cutting-edge technologies. It’s unlike any other plan you have experienced.

Grand Strand Health and Wellness Offers a Safe & Effective New Alternative For Neuropathy Patients

Our therapy protocol is non-surgical, non-invasive, and drug-free! It combines state-of-the-art medical treatments to help relieve the suffering caused by neuropathy. In addition, we’ve created a diagnostic evaluation process to ensure that all our patients are confident with the treatment program. It helps determine if you are the perfect candidate for the therapy. The evaluation also offers ALL the information required before you begin the program, to ensure success.

Grand Strand Health and Wellness – 4 Vital Elements To Our Neuropathy Program
Vital Element #1
Electromagnetic Infrared Therapy
A therapy Grand Strand Health and Wellness uses to repair damaged nerves and increase blood flow is Low-Level Light Therapy (LLLT). It signals Vasoendothelial Growth (VEGF), and this helps with the production of angiogenesis, which essentially creates new blood vessels to repair damaged nerves. These blood vessels grow back around the peripheral nerves and offer them the needed nutrients to heal. With over 20 peer-reviewed studies, this technology has a 97% success rate with patients suffering from peripheral neuropathy.
Vital Element #2
Grand Strand Health and Wellness has cutting-edge digital electro-therapeutic stimulation to help nerve growth, which is also referred to as Nerve Re-Education. In fact, the Cancer Centers of America use this innovative technology to rebuild nerves in chemotherapy patients. The good news is that “Nerve Re-Education” can be done in the comfort of your own home, which means you can take your health into your own hands and conduct this therapy daily. The results are felt rather quickly when it comes to both restoration of normal sensations, as well as pain relief!
Vital Element #3
Advanced Nutrition Therapy
Working hand-in-hand with all of the other key elements within our program, proper nutrition is a key factor for seeing the best results around nerve and tissue repair. Grand Strand Health and Wellness’ Advanced Nutritional Therapy is designed to accelerate the healing process, and this is done by a comprehensive process for bioavailable nitric oxide, inflammation, and blood flow.
Vital Element #4
In-Office Appointments & Education
In addition to your home therapy treatments, you’ll visit our clinic once a week during the program. Each key element is just as important as the next when it comes to our neuropathy treatment protocol in order to see optimal results.
Two things are needed for nerve cells to heal:
  • Fuel
  • Activation
  • This makes our therapy protocol of LLT and nutrition (fuel), plus “Nerve Re-Education” (activation) the perfect combination for nerve healing and regeneration!

Will It Work For Me?

At Grand Strand Health and Wellness, we provide a FREE neuropathy reversal seminar so our patients can learn more about their condition, our treatment program, and if they qualify for our protocol plan. During the seminar, we talk about common medical history, symptoms, therapy options, and whether in-person appointments with the doctor are required.

Hear from Actual Patients

The 3 Components Grand Strand Health and Wellness Evaluates, Include:

The Structural Component
The Neurological Component
Nervous System
The Metabolic Component
Metabolic Health

By reviewing these three areas, we are able to create a focused and customized treatment approach to your healing process.

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