Alice Stephenson February 2015

Chiropractic Works

I cannot say enough about Cathy – when she started working on my deep muscle massage, she had a tough job. I know she worked out knots and relaxed tissues in my back and legs that felt like a washboard to me when I first started with her. She has worked all of the kinks out. Then I had damaged nerves in my elbow that affected my little finger and ring finger. I had no feeling in either finger, accompanied by lots of pain – they were very cold feeling and had an electrical shock feeling when touched. She did a procedure called, touch for health, from a new course that she was taking, and she asked if she could try it. My response was, Go For It, It Can’t Hurt! I could tell right away that something was happening. I could feel warmth in my ring finger (that was cold before, and felt like rubber). Long story short, she got that finger back 100%, not so on the little finger – got that one back to where it stopped the pain. Then Dr. Garner suggested the cold laser treatment – 12 sessions – that has worked to 80%. By this, I can tell you, I now have feeling in my little finger – it is no longer ice cold, or feels like rubber. No Pain, No electrical shock. It is not normal – but getting there! The bottom line is all this kept me from having surgery, which the ortho doctor highly suggested with a 3 month recovery time. I chose a different path first and it worked!! Dr Garner, Cathy and his group are wonderful!!

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