Chronic Illness


Our goal at Grand Strand Health & Wellness is to help you live a healthier life without pain getting in the way. Here are some patients, just like you that have found relief through our treatments & services.

John La Rochelle September 2018

The laser treatment allowed me to stop taking medication for pain that I had been taking for years related to shingles. The staff were extremely helpful and friendly.

Jean Rhodes MARCH 2017

For the last three or four years I had been experiencing knee pain and tingling in both legs at bedtime sometimes referred to as Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS).

          Not wanting to become addicted to pain medication, my husband and I started looking for a chiropractor since I had experienced some relief after seeing chiropractors at home in West Virginia.

          We saw an ad in the newspaper promoting the Grand Strand chiropractor offering laser treatment.           Since starting laser and chiropractic treatment care. I have improved and experience a good night’s sleep most nights. The staff at Grand Strand is exceptional and caring with little waiting time.

John Rivinius April 2016

After talking to Dr. Garner about my elevated cholesterol level, He suggested the book (the 8 week Cholesterol Cure). After reading and following the information in the book, I had cholesterol levels around 222 and dropped to 141 in 12 months, through diet and supplements.

Pam Taylor December 2, 2013

I have to give the biggest hug in the world to Dr. Chris for helping me out in such a desperate time. I had a severe case of vertigo, which I had never had before, that left me so dizzy I couldn’t walk without tilting my head to one side. I was extremely nauseated and had a terrible night the night before. My husband suggested that we go see Dr. Chris. We are both patients of his. We had no appointment and we arrived 15 minutes before closing. He and his staff were so caring and concerned, but he knew right away how to take care of me. I am so thankful for his kindness, because it wasn’t a pretty ordeal. He has such a kind heart and hand and TRULY cares about his patients. If you are ever in need of a chiropractor, I highly recommend him and his wonderful office staff.

Paul Szaszkiewicz April 2016

Before I started chiropractic care with Grand Strand Health and Wellness, I was experiencing vertigo daily due to my Meniere’s Disease. It left me unable to do simple tasks around the house and yard as well as drive to places I needed to go. After several sessions with Dr. Garner, my vertigo went away and I was able to resume a normal life. The sessions were prompt and Dr. Garner explained to me what he saw wrong on his examinations and x-rays. At the end of my sessions, he showed me what he corrected to solve my problems. I would recommend Dr. Garner to anyone that may have Meniere’s Disease or vertigo because of my positive experience I had with my issues.

Sally Renata

I was looking for someone I could trust to do manual adjustments as I have found various other methods in the past unproductive.

Dr. Chris Garner is certified to do both manual adjustments and the Pro Adjuster.  I have serious chronic problems, so I began with manual adjustments and then changed my mind.   The Pro Adjuster IS less traumatic, and while I’m not totally through the treatment period, I have greatly improved.  Treatment generally includes a period (before or after) on a roller or water massage bed, then an adjustment.  The Dr works from X-rays taken before and after the course of treatment.

I am very picky about chiropractors particularly because they are working with my neck.  I liked Dr. Garner and was impressed with his credentials, but at the beginning I was put off by the way the wellness center works.

The first session was an x-ray, watching a video on chiropractic care, and meeting the doctor.  I came back a few days later to find that if I wanted treatment, I would sign up for so many sessions, three days a week – and that it would cost $300 over the amount insurance would pay – because my insurance only covered adjustments and not the added therapy (heat, stimulation, time on the massage bed, etc).   In addition, I would be required to attend a class on wellness at some point during the treatment.

I was put off and said so to the office administrator.  On the other hand, I had been looking for someone I trusted for over a year, so I signed up.  When Dr. Chris called to see how I was doing (after the first treatment), I told him my feelings – and he said that it should have been dealt with differently, and that I had the option of not doing the added therapy.  I was impressed he called – and I was impressed he gave out his home number in case there is an emergency. 

I kept the treatment schedule and went to the class – then realizing why he requires it.  He wants to make sure people don’t stop treatment when they begin feeling better….and his view of wellness in holistic.  He gives out a lot of material, talks about diet, maintaining, etc.   It may just be my personality that balks about being told what to do and when, but there is no mistaking that he is an excellent doc with a lot of good ideas.

I should also say that I have Fibromyalgia that is quite severe.  During one session he realized that my entire shoulder was out of place – and he manually put it back in place.  There was incredible relief.  I have never had anyone do that – but it worked!

I gave them a B for staff friendliness because I did feel the administrator did not look at me as someone to work with or that the patients concern is at least equal to “the plan”.  On the other hand, the people administering the additional therapy and the doctor are all friendly, capable and caring.

I began the treatment with lower back issues and my physician recommended that I see an orthopedic surgeon.  I chose this route and I’m not sorry.  I’m walking like a real person again, and my shoulders and neck have much more flexibility.

Sandi Cronkey     _Septemer 8, 2008

Before I started chiropractic care I was experiencing severe muscle pain, extreme fatigue, depression, overall flu-like symptoms and extreme insomnia from Fibromyalgia. I now have pain relief, much better and higher quality sleep and the awful fatigue is gone. I have more energy and overall good positive feelings. My overall health will benefit as I stay on this path, eat healthy, exercise and keep my chiropractic appointments.  Our health and wellness is the biggest, most important asset we have.  I recommend Grand Strand Health and Wellness because you are a full-circle office. I love what you have done for me!  

Shari Russell April 2016

I’ve had vertigo for over a year and my symptoms of dizziness, headaches and fatigue were lasting longer and longer in duration. A friend recommended a chiropractor whom I thought was odd because I associated chiropractic care with back pain. On my 1st visit, Dr. Garner and his staff explained in detail how subluxation specifically in my neck can be producing my symptoms each episode. His staff is always friendly and willing to address questions and concern. I’ve been receiving treatment for almost 3 months and my symptoms are gone and I am able to do all my normal activities

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