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Our goal at Grand Strand Health & Wellness is to help you live a healthier life without pain getting in the way. Here are some patients, just like you that have found relief through our treatments & services.

Alice Stephenson February 2015

I cannot say enough about Cathy – when she started working on my deep muscle massage, she had a tough job. I know she worked out knots and relaxed tissues in my back and legs that felt like a washboard to me when I first started with her. She has worked all of the kinks out. Then I had damaged nerves in my elbow that affected my little finger and ring finger. I had no feeling in either finger, accompanied by lots of pain – they were very cold feeling and had an electrical shock feeling when touched. She did a procedure called, touch for health, from a new course that she was taking, and she asked if she could try it. My response was, Go For It, It Can’t Hurt! I could tell right away that something was happening. I could feel warmth in my ring finger (that was cold before, and felt like rubber). Long story short, she got that finger back 100%, not so on the little finger – got that one back to where it stopped the pain. Then Dr. Garner suggested the cold laser treatment – 12 sessions – that has worked to 80%. By this, I can tell you, I now have feeling in my little finger – it is no longer ice cold, or feels like rubber. No Pain, No electrical shock. It is not normal – but getting there! The bottom line is all this kept me from having surgery, which the ortho doctor highly suggested with a 3 month recovery time. I chose a different path first and it worked!! Dr Garner, Cathy and his group are wonderful!!

Anthony S. Knable – June 30th, 2014

Before I started chiropractic care, I was experiencing extreme pain in all my fingers and joints (osteoarthritis).  Since starting care, I have no pain and a very positive outlook.  My experience with this practice has exceeded my expectations.  The service is prompt compared to other practices. There is no waiting time.  I have gotten what I paid for and more.  I like that it is very comforting. I will recommend to everyone I know.  Regular chiropractic visits are in my future! Dr. Garner has helped me dramatically.

Joanne Knable October 17, 2014

I have had seven cold laser treatments on my right hand so far. I had been experiencing discomfort in my thumb and wrist. I went from a five in pain down to a three in just a few treatments. Thank you for the pain relief Dr. Garner, Cindy, Lisa, and staff!

Justin McIntyre May 2021

I’m so happy that I gave Grand Strand Health and Wellness a try. The therapy I have received for lower back pain, neck pain, hand numbness/pain/tingling, and sciatica, has made a huge difference. My discomfort/pain has decreased dramatically! Immediately, I started noticing a change. No longer was my back keeping me up at night, or killing me after a day at work, my left hand was no longer constantly giving me trouble. The various laser treatments on my hands have been a real game changer. The numbness/pain/tingling I once suffered has significantly subsided. I would also highly recommend having the Pro-Soft treatment and PEMF therapy. The PEMF might not be fun at first, but you feel great once you’re finished! Time spent on the rolling beds can’t be missed as well! Many thanks go to Dr. Crilley and the staff, particularly Trina and Cassidy, for their attention and care. They have made my visits to the clinic and friendly and enjoyable experience. I look forward to continuing my therapy at Grand Strand Health and Wellness and maintaining good chiropractic health into the future.

Micheal Fulmore FEBRUARY 2017

Before I started chiropractic care I was experiencing pain in my hand and knees. Since starting regular chiropractic care I’m experiencing less pain. The experience with the practice exceeded my expectations. The service was reliable and prompt; also staff was very friendly. There was nothing that I didn’t dislike! I would definitely recommend Dr. Garner and his practice any chance I get because it really works out the pain! I can see chiropractic benefiting my overall health in the future by coming once a month.

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