Our goal at Grand Strand Health & Wellness is to help you live a healthier life without pain getting in the way. Here are some patients, just like you that have found relief through our treatments & services.

Andrea Albert September 20, 2013

I started chiropractic care with Dr. Garner over a year ago when hip pain began to interfere with my normal routine and exercise regime. Dr. Garner diagnosed the issue right away and laid out a plan to correct the problem. I am happy to say that I no longer have that pain and I am back to my normal routine. When I recently started to experience pain in my left knee, the first person I went to see was Dr. Garner. Again, he diagnosed the issue and has had me on a plan using the cold laser treatment, adjustments, and exercises specific to the knee. After two weeks of treatment, the pain has decreased significantly. The staff at Grand Strand Health and Wellness is professional and knowledgeable in all aspects of their jobs. It is a pleasure to be a patient here!

Ben Hartman July 2016

My name is Ben Hartman and I have been experiencing pain for a great number of years. I have knee pain in both my knees, pain in my lower and upper back, and an enlarged heart that has slowed my blood rate volume to 22%. I have had no energy, very weak, and take a lot of pain pills for these problems.

After a single visit to Grand Strand Health and Wellness, Dr. Garner talked with me about my problems and recommended a treatment. I was very skeptical because chiropractic care was never mentioned by any of my doctors. X-rays were taken and a treatment program started. A laser was used on my knees and pain was reduced a whole lot. A back adjustment was completed to set my spine, hips and knees in proper position. My pain level was 10 plus, and about 5% after 4 or 5 treatments. My heart blood flow rate went from 22% to over 50 %. I know chiropractic care got me there.

Now at my 10th visit, I have no pain at all, and has continued to be that was as of today. The staff is the best I have had the privilege to work with, kind, considerate, caring and above all make patients feel like they are family.

I at first believed chiropractic care would not help me with all my pain problems. Well I was strongly misinformed! They did a super job of getting my pain under control and I think helped to eliminate a few of my medicines that were not needed. NOW PAIN FREE! I will continue treatment to stay that way, and anyone who will listen get to a CHIROPRACTOR! I would highly recommend GSHW chiropractic to anyone who wants pain gone and to feel healthy again!

Ben Turner May 2021

Two years ago, I was a patient here with problems with my back. I was well pleased so far with the help I have gotten with the pain in my left knee, right hip and right shoulder here.

Bernice Picerno-Jones   November 2017

I have had 9 treatments (adjustment, laser, and roller bed) thus far and am happy with the results; although temporary. I realize that it took years accumulating my knee and back problems and will require much more treatment to rectify my issues. The family atmosphere at this facility adds to the reason why I will continue treatments. The fact that I have recommended others to come to this facility is my testimony to getting the treatments I need and the success that goes with it.

Elizabeth Sharrett August 2015

While in Virginia for my father-in-law’s funeral, I bent down to my suitcase and ended up on the floor in the most excruciating pain I’ve ever felt. I had to crawl downstairs backwards so my husband could get me into the car to go to a walk-in emergency clinic. The doctor at the clinic told me that the sciatic pain would “get better in six to eight weeks” and the only thing I could do was take some muscle relaxers or narcotic painkillers.  Neither of those was an acceptable option for me.

My family doctor here told me the same thing was about the six to eight weeks recover time and offered to write prescriptions for painkillers.  At the end of the eighth week, I began physical therapy, which was helpful, but I still did not lose the sudden lightening-flash pains between the right shoulder blade and knee- always random and breath-stealing in their intensity.

Two additional medical doctors repeated the same offer for painkillers and the advice was always “get used to the pain; if the sciatic nerve still hurts, there’s no telling how long it may last.”  Twelve and a half years is a long time to hurt.

During my eighth session at Grand Strand Health and Wellness, Dr. Garner performed a manual adjustment on my back. I stood up for the first time in twelve and a half years with neither a dull ache nor any shooting pains in my lower back.  I wept with joy.  I have thanked God every day since for bringing me to Dr. Garner’s chiropractic practice.

Everyone at Grand Strand Health and Wellness is friendly, welcoming, personable, and helpful.  Each procedure – therapy to massage – is explained thoroughly.  Members of this staff make clients feel like they are partners in the quest for health, and they cheer every patient on to a return of full health.  This office demonstrates professionalism at it’s finest! I convinced my husband to have an assessment; he is now a patient with GSH&W.  I have raved about this practice and how much better I feel since becoming a patient here.  I will continue to urge others to come for a visit to see for themselves how much better they can feel using a more natural approach to chiropractic care so they could live in healthy harmony!       

Bettie Davis June 2019

Before I started chiropractic care I was experiencing a great deal of pain. Since starting regular chiropractic care I’m experiencing a more positive change with leg pain. The experience with the practice exceeds my expectations, and I did get prompt service. They are one of the best compared to other practices I’ve been to, and I did get what I paid for. I like the way everyone works together, no dislikes. I would recommend this practice. I can see chiropractic benefitting my overall health in the future by much improvement. If somebody I knew hasn’t tried it yet, I would recommend it, because its benefitting me greatly.     

Brenda Barnson February 2019

Before I started chiropractic care I was experiencing a lot of pain in my knees and lower back. Since starting my treatment my pain in my levels are down and I am walking and standing a whole lot better. I was skeptical at first but now I am glad I took the step towards the treatment. The employees are all great, friendly, and its great to be called by your name from start to you finish your therapy. It is worth the time and effort you put into it. I would recommend this practice to everyone. When your body is aligned and working properly your overall health is better. I would definitely recommend it because it can change your whole outlook on life and your health. I   just love the laser therapy Trina does. She’s Awesome.

Brenda Purvis

Before starting chiropractic care, I was experiencing excruciating pain in my right knee, and had a heel spur on my right foot. Walking or going up and down stairs was very difficult. When I would sit for a long period of time I would feel sharp pain in my knee. I went to a couple of other doctors, was prescribed medications that gave me very little relief. It was depressing. I started chiropractic care at Dr Garner and immediately he pinpointed the problem. He ordered orthodics that were custom made for my feet and started laser treatments and the adjustor. The orthotics are wonderful. My legs and walk are more balanced and I no longer have a heel spur. The laser treatments brought instant relief to the pain in my knee and after a few visits my pain was at minimum. The adjustor is getting my knee back into joint, because I feel a big difference when I walk. I am no longer staggering as I get out of the car, and the pain is at minimum. Overall I feel so much better and I am so glad I found chiropractic care. I feel like I’m getting my life back again!

Charles Holcomb September 27, 2013

Before attending Dr. Garner’s office my left knee was locked up and I could not walk. After laser therapy and adjustments my knee does not hurt and everything seems to be normal. I feel very positive about the treatment I have received.

Cindy Storer December 17, 2013

I had been having trouble walking even a half mile on the beach because the tendons or ligaments in my ankles were constantly swollen and painful. My shoes were also wearing badly, and I was constantly in danger of twisting my knees and ankles. Out of desperation I ordered a pair of the custom orthotic sandals. After a month of constant use, the swelling in my ankles has gone down and I can walk and stand for much longer. I now also have a pair of sandals and two pairs of inserts, and will not wear any shoes without the inserts. Though expensive, they have been worth every penny.

Connie Phillips February 2015

The summer of 2014 I was reading a local newspaper and found how Dr. Garner was using a new technique, and shared it with two of my friends who were experiencing knee and back pain. Both followed up with the info and had good results. While doing yard work, I found myself needing the doctors care – I was experiencing hip, knee and leg pain. I was very happy to get in to see him within days. The staff was very helpful and has a positive attitude. Dr Garner is very informative and explained what my problem was and began working on me without delay. After my first visit, I could feel a very big difference. And after every visit, there was an improvement. I did and will continue to share my experience with others. We were created by a higher power and He leads us to the right source in need. This was my first time using chiropractic and if needed again, I’ll be back. Now symptoms have improved. LOVE IT!!

Cristobal Mendoza March 2015

I am an ex-professional baseball player. I played baseball for 20 years and through all those years my left knee took a lot of abuse. In 1998, I had knee surgery and for the past few years, I have been in a lot of pain during daily activity.

I saw an advertisement in the newspaper for Dr. Christopher D. Garner. I went to see him, and after a thorough consultation and x-rays I was diagnosed with a misaligned left knee and myofascial pain syndrome.

So far, I have had seven therapy sessions. I started to feel better after the third session. I am currently 80% better. I know have a lot less pain and my knee feels stronger. Dr. Garner is not only a great doctor he treats you like family. His entire staff is incredibly nice and attentive throughout all treatment.

I would highly recommend Dr. Garner.

Debbie Cody May 2021

At 50 years old, I never dreamed my freedom of getting up and going would dissipate. Waking up and not being able to walk was scary. I felt like my legs were balloons and would pop if I bent down, tried to cross my legs or even relax. I received a flyer with introductory offer; I said I am going to do this. My first initial visit I was scared of the findings and what was next. Well, here I am today. The staffs made me feel like a priority. They care, they listen and they help. I look forward to coming and learning new ways to encourage activity and work on getting stronger. The staffs that work directly with clients are first class. They know you by name. I am feeling a lot better and am working in my pain levels. Thank to Grand Strand Health and Wellness, I am getting my life back!

Debbie Floyd February 2019

My sister had been urging me for years to see a chiropractor because the one she sees in Batesburg-Leesville (SC) helps her so very much. When my husband showed me the advertisement in the Sun News which explained there is laser therapy available that can help knee pain, I decided it was time to try chiropractic help.  I’m so glad I set up a consultation appointment and followed up with beginning a regiment of treating my knees as well as correcting subluxation of my spine- particularly my neck which had recently been sprained in a fall. Before I even had a treatment, I was impressed with the level of explanation and education provided by Cindy, the patient educator, as well as the general attitude of caring by each and every staff member. 

Never have I had a medical establishment take the time and show the concern to fully explain my condition(s) and compare it to how it should exist–and how it could improve with the proper procedures!! As an educator, I know how much more effective it is for a person to understand WHY something needs to be done, rather than just being told to do it! I came to understand how much using ice packs and performing certain exercises could help me help myself. My body has coped with years-decades- of not being cared for properly so I don’t expect immediate results, BUT I have delighted in small periods of time of lessened pain and even pain-free hours in the 2 1/2 weeks of therapy and adjustments. I am confident that the coming months hold improving health for me – and my husband, who after sitting in on my consultation follow-up, also signed up for a series of care!

Don Stidham February 2015

When my knee problem started I was putting my shoes on and my knee popped. I went to a chiropractor in Ohio and he said my next stop would be surgery. I limped around for awhile, but didn’t trust my knee, so I got a brace for it and it has been on since June 2014. Then Dr. Garner said he could fix it, and as of February 2015 it feels 100% better. I have had the most reliable service and would recommend the service to anybody. I also said I would use two canes before surgery because my wife Jean had a bad experience with surgery.

Doris Watters August 27, 2013

It began in 2008 with a little pinch feeling in my left knee and gradually moved to my right knee. After a year or so the pain became more intense. My family and friends began to notice that I was limping or favoring one side or another. My knees were very painful and the pain moved down my shin. It was hard to walk or stand. About a year ago, my pastor had knee surgery and had difficulty walking. He was referred to a chiropractor and had great results. I was a skeptic at first but after seeing an ad in the newspaper I decided to give it a try. At first I didn’t notice any changes, but after about two or three weeks I noticed I was not limping anymore. It’s been over a month and I am so happy I made that call. Dr. Garner and his staff have made my experience life changing. I tell everyone I know what a difference it has made doing small things like bending, standing for long periods of time, walking, etc. This is something I will continue to do for my overall health. I thank God for this intervention, I’m only sorry I didn’t try chiropractic treatments before now. I didn’t know that knee pain was something a chiropractor handled. I’m free of all pain medications and over the counter supplements. My treatments have exceeded my expectations. I recently found out that Dr. Garner is also my pastor’s Chiropractor.

Dwight Stephens June 2019

I had never been to a chiropractor for treatment but heard about low level laser therapy for knee pain. I signed up for treatment and after 6 weeks of treatment my right knee is pain free. I would recommend this treatment to anyone who is experiencing knee pain. This treat and the people involved far exceed my expectations.  The cost for treatment was well worth it.

Carl Hudson April 2016

Before I started Chiropractic care, I was experiencing very bad pain in both knees. Since starting chiropractic care, I have very little pain. The experience I have had has exceeded my expectation, the service I have had at Dr. Garner’s office has been great. The staff  know their jobs and I go through the visit with little wait. I am more mobile then I have been in several years. I will gladly recommend Dr. Garner to anyone.

Ellen Anderson 9/25/14

I met Dr. Garner through the newspaper advertisement about cold laser treatment.  I previously went to a bone doctor for the pain I have been having in my knee since January.  He wanted to give me shots in the knee; so, I wanted to try this new way with Dr. Garner first.  In the beginning, I didn’t think it was working, but half way through I started to notice that the pain was getting less and less.  One day I was doing my grocery shopping and half way through the store, I stopped and said, “I don’t have any pain!” I finished shopping with NO PAIN!!

I would also like to tell you Dr. Garner’s staff is one of a kind.  They are friendly and know what they are doing. Thank you Dr. Garner and your staff !  Ask me if this works and I will tell you YES IT DOES!

Emily Garcia 2018

Before I started chiropractic care I was experiencing, heaviness and pain in my knees. I was taking cortisone shots every 3 months and was told that I need surgery. I also had tightness in my middle back and pain from time to time in my lower back, which sometimes necessitated muscle relaxants to alleviate the pain. Since starting regular chiropractic care with laser treatments, I have noticed that I have much better mobility, little or no pain in my knees and muscles. There has been a big improvement in how my back feels as well. I ignored my back pain originally thinking it was age. I even had a physical therapy for a while, but noticed the pain returned soon after completion and I went back to medication. With regular chiropractic care my back feels so much better. I always get cheerfully welcomed when I walk in and offered assistance if it appears I am having trouble checking in with my key card. I am immediately placed in the tracking mode and Paige moves me from service to service, i.e. laser treatments with Trina, (she also massages the knees and muscles), Electrotherapy-TENS machine with Paige and chiropractic adjustments with Dr. Crilley. All staff are very pleasant and prompt. The office is a bit small on space, but they utilize every bit of it well. When I first signed up, I was concerned with the cost as my insurance didn’t cover everything entirely. Considering I don’t have any more pain in my knees can move with more flexibility as well as my ability to climb stairs has improved tremendously, I feel I’m getting my monies

Frank Maundy June 2019

Before I started chiropractic care, I had a lot of pain getting in and out of my car. It’s much better already after about 7 treatments. The staff here is great especially Trina and Dr. Crilley. Mary the receptionist is also nice along with everyone else. Although for my budget the treatments are not cheap, but it’s been worth it, to relieve a lot of pain. I haven’t tried any other method, so I can’t say it’s the best but again it’s helped. I look forward to continuing my program and reaping the rewards.

Gardiner Moore February 2015

Before I started chiropractic care, I was experiencing pain in both knees. After taking shots in both knees for years, the doctor thought it was time for knee replacements. Not sure about having surgery, I saw Dr. Garner’s Ad and decided to try chiropractic services. I was taking up to six acetaminophen a day, and now most days, I don’t take any. Chiropractic far exceeded what I thought I would experience. The expertise of Dr. Garner and his staff got me on my way with more ease. I believe everyone should consider chiropractic services before surgery. I would highly recommend chiropractic and Dr. Garner.

Jan Pender July 30, 2013  

Before I started chiropractic care the level of pain I was experiencing was so intense it was hard to focus on any of the activities I enjoy. In a short period of time my pain was fifty percent improved. My friends have commented on how much better I look and feel.

Since receiving cold laser therapy on my right knee the pain has almost gone away. It does not hurt to walk on it and it is bone on bone. If this continues I won’t need a knee replacement. I have had one on my left knee and treatment on it has eliminated any pain on it.

I continue to improve each week. Chiropractic care has done what my regular doctor could not do. I have learned a lot about why and how chiropractic care works. I would recommend it to anyone! Dr. Garner and his staff are very knowledgeable and caring. The fact I do not have to wait two hours or longer to receive treatment is a big plus.

Joan Sykes September 20, 2013

Before Starting chiropractic care, I had suffered from back and knee pain. I would feel tired and worn out from working all day (8 hours) until my husband found this advertisement in the paper. So I gave it a try and I’m not sorry that I went. Dr. Chris has helped me a lot. Now I have little or no pain in my knees with very little pain in my back. I will continue to go and get the maintenance I need to be pain free. Thanks Dr. Chris and Staff! 

Joe Sapone June 2015

When I first came to Grand Strand Health & Wellness, I was hurting, walking with a cane, and within 3 weeks of Dr. Garner & staff, the cane is gone and I really can’t believe the improvement. The cold laser & Pro Adjuster and therapy have helped greatly. Wish I would have come sooner since I’ve been experiencing pain for years, I feel great! Actually, the best in 20 years! Thanks! Many Thanks!

John McStravick   June 2014

When I first started treatment, my left knee pain was so severe I could hardly walk.  After three treatments, I saw a big improvement in my walking.  I thought it was very good!  It continued to improve every week.

I would like to thank Dr. Chris and his staff for their work, for their kindness and for making me feel like family. 

I would recommend this treatment to any friend or family member.

Just a thank you to you all!

Kathleen Anderson June 2018

My 90-Year-old Mother, reported by daughter Susan Payne, is wheel-chair bound. She underwent 24 sessions with DrCrilleyincluding laser therapy. During the sessions, she saw a reduction in her knee pain. Her physical therapist, noted a marked improvement from December to May in her mobility with much less pain. 

Eric Pate January 2022

I came to see Dr. Garner due to knee pain from an old running injury. I had asked Dr. Garner about a referral to an orthopedic doctor for options including possible surgery. He asked me to come to his office for therapy on the knee on trac machine, before going to an orthopedic doctor. After three sessions my knee pain was completely gone and I was able to return to my normal routine running routine. In addition to the knee treatment, I received adjustments via the ProAdjuster to my spine, shoulders, and hips which produced noticeable improvements in my running form and overall improved mobility for just day to day living. I would certainly recommend chiropractic care as a better alternative to surgery or pain medicine.

Jeanette Berry February 2022

My journey began with my painful hips. Three visits a week, has turned into a painless one visit month maintenance. I am now getting treatment on my painful right knee. The knee on trac has reduced the pain to almost pain free after the first treatment, AMAZING! The employees are wonderful, caring and know what they are doing.

Judy Dieterich February 2022

I started going to Grand Strand Health and Wellness in 2020, for my knee. I made up my mind I was not going to have knee surgery. It has helped. They got this machine knee on trac, which stretches your knee. I went two weeks three times weekly. By the end of my two weeks I could see a change in my knee and walking; more normal walking. So between the treatments Dr. Forrest does on my knee and this knee on trac, I could see a change. It is amazing!

Janice Honyotski February 2022

Before I started treatment I was in great pain with my knee all the time. Since treatment my pain has decreased and I’m able to walk a lot better and the pain has decreased a lot. Trina is great with the knee on trac. I can definitely tell the difference. Torie is great with the therapy. She gets a laugh at me being the only one having to use a step stool but I’m so short. The doctors are great and everyone is courteous. Love coming for my treatment!

Janae Davis January 2022

Before seeing Dr. Garner and staff at Grand Strand Health and Wellness I wasn’t able to do a full one hour workout for about a month and a half. My knee and feet pain prevented me from working regularly. After my fourth visit I was able to accomplish a full workout four days a week. The adjustments, knee on trac and other therapies worked wonders for my neck, knees, and feet. I’m grateful for Dr. Garner and his amazing staff! They have truly improved my quality of life!                                  

Linda Coyle – September 2014

Before I started chiropractic care both of my knees were killing me and I was experiencing a lot of pain. My left knee was worse than my right one. I was using a walker to get around and when I went to the store I had to use an electric scooter. I could not walk or sleep because my knees would continuously hurt and that has been going on for two years! One day I saw an ad in the paper for chiropractic care and cold laser treatment. I called and made an appointment with Dr. Garner and his staff. Dr. Garner was great! He explained everything to me including my x-rays, how much it would cost, etc. My x-ray showed that my knees were in poor condition and I was going to need a lot of work if I wanted to walk again. Since my first initial visit, I have been going three times a week to see the doctor. Dr. Garner uses the Pro-Adjuster to work on my back while Cindy uses the cold laser therapy to work on my knees. The first time I had the treatment I felt a huge difference. I started to walk again for the first time without pain. The more appointments I went to the better off I was. I have just started walking without a walker and now I can sleep again! I am so glad I went to see Dr. Garner. The cold laser really does wonders. I did not have hope at all before but now I do and I am thinking more positively! Dr. Garner and his staff really care about their patients and treat you wonderful! I am very happy I chose to go here; I am very pleased with everything they have done for me. I would recommend this office to everyone who has any problems. If I ever need someone for the same problem, I will definitely be back. Dr. Garner and staff will truly help you any way they can!

Linda Frasso November 7, 2013

For many years I have been a chiropractic patient. Not until I saw the handout in the paper about cold laser therapy did I start seeing Dr. Garner. I have had pain in my knees for many years and the medical doctors I have seen have suggested I take medication or cortisone shots, neither of which I wanted to do. When I arrived at Dr. Garner’s office I noticed how professional looking it is and all the wonderful educational material he has. I believe education is an important part of the healing process. His staff is kind, caring, and very knowledgeable. Dr. Garner has an easy way and his smile says he cares and wants to help with the pain. He emits energy to be able to do the chiropractic work he needs to do. After all my cold laser therapy treatments, I have no pain in my knees and the swelling is 90% gone! I do not expect that I will have 20 year old knees but I can walk longer, dance, and I really have more energy. I do have some slight discomfort which I expect when I overdo but I use the ice and am ready to go again! I will continue with my maintenance program prescribed and highly recommend it to anyone with knee pain. I highly recommend chiropractic care for any kind of problems associated with pain. And, Dr. Garner is the one I would send them to. The experience I have had with his office has led me to be more uplifting physically, mentally, and spiritually. Thank you Dr. Garner for all your support and thank you God for answering my prayers through him.

Lorraine Eglington – September 2014

Before I started chiropractic and cold laser therapy, I had been contemplating knee surgery. I was at the point of driving to the store and because of the pain, deciding it wasn’t worth it and going home instead. I saw Dr. Garner’s ad and decided why not try it? To my amazement, within a month and a half I was able to walk longer distances without pain. I am starting to do things that I haven’t done for over a year or more. I went to the driving range and most recently tried some dancing. I’m so thankful to Dr. Garner and his staff for helping me to experience some joy in my lifestyle again. I will definitely keep up my maintenance. I would recommend anyone in pain to give Dr. Garner a chance to better their life.

Margie Cochran Ostrowski       June 2014

Before I saw the newspaper ad for Dr. Garner’s chiropractic office, I was experiencing severe pain in my left knee.  I had appointments with my orthopedic doctor and she recommended 3 “gel” shots for my knee pain.  I wanted to explore other options other than what I had been prescribed. “Gel” shots previously had no positive effect for the pain I had in my other knee.

After seeing Dr. Garner’s ad for a $35 evaluation, I called and made an appointment to see what was involved and also to see if I could benefit from his treatments. Dr. Garner evaluated my condition and found out I was a good candidate for the laser treatment. I felt relief right away after that initial treatment. This exceeded my expectations for relief and I scheduled my cold laser treatments for 3 times a week. I’m very satisfied with the services that have been provided from Dr. Garner and his staff. The entire staff makes me feel very comfortable and appreciated. Dr. Garner is very sincere with the care I receive.

I find that through having these cold laser treatments and physical adjustments, I don’t feel a need to see an orthopedic doctor for my knee. The cost involved is well worth every penny and it is quite affordable as well.

I would recommend Grand Strand Health and Wellness and Dr. Garner over any other care that I’ve had from other practices. I tell my friends and neighbors about my success with the cold laser treatments. My pain level initially had been a 10 and now I can say it’s a 1 or 2 on a pain scale.

Mary Allen May 21, 2013

My Experience with knee pain and chiropractic has been very remarkable. Chiropractic has kept me pain free and out of surgery as long as I maintain my treatments.

Mary K. June 25, 2013

After years of lifting weight in my business, my knees became weak and painful and did not recover from rest. Walking long distances over 40 feet became impossible. After my second treatment I noticed substantial improvement in my endurance and range of motion and was pleased to see such an improvement without surgery. I was actually able to walk for two hours straight! I highly recommend Dr. Garner and the services he offers. I look forward to my treatments and enjoy his friendly staff!

Mary Martin August 20, 2013

Before chiropractic care I was experiencing terrible knee pain. I hurt constantly! Since starting chiropractic care I am no longer in such pain. Dr. Garner and his staff were very kind and helpful in every aspect. I would definitely recommend Dr. Garner to anyone suffering from pain and stress.

Mary S. Russell  May 2014

One day in July, thank God, I looked in the newspaper and saw this advertisement about knees. When I first started I was in alot of pain. Since I started chiropractic care, I feel much better. I don’t have to depend on pain medication anymore and I have given up my cane in the name of Jesus. I can walk!  My knees don’t lock up on me anymore!

The services are real good.  Everyone treats me like family. They make me feel at home. You don’t wait a long time.

Everything I started treatment for is doing well. I like everything about Grand Strand Health and Wellness. I would recommend this practice to anyone.  For my health in the future, I will exercise, trust in the Lord and do as Dr. Garner suggest including continuing the laser therapy.

Patricia Paul December 26, 2013

What brought me to chiropractic care is, I was having considerable knee pain in both knees. I had heard about the Cold Laser Treatment and decided to make an appointment and find out if this could help rather than face possible surgery.  From the time I made the appointment and met with Dr. Chris and his staff, a treatment plan was presented and discussed with me in a professional manner.  I also liked the fact your appointments are on time and made to fit your schedule too.  Dr. Chris and Staff put you at ease and explain treatment procedures.  The Cold Laser Treatment certainly has helped.  It took a few additional treatments but now I feel more comfortable and the pain has decreased dramatically.  If I was to compare other exam and treatment from another practitioner, I would choose Chiropractic care again. When someone tells me they are having issues with their back, knees or neck, I recommend them to call Dr. Chris’ office and to speak to his Staff.   Find out how Chiropractic care could be a benefit to your overall lifestyle… I did and the results speak for themselves!

Paul Hopkins February 2015

In 2010, I stepped off a curb and the leader came loose on the left side, of my left knee. I had been in pain since. Before I started chiropractic care I was experiencing pain in my left knee. Since starting regular care I have not had pain for over three weeks. My experience with Grand Strand Health and Wellness exceeded my expectations. I can see chiropractic benefiting my overall health in the future. I have recommended chiropractic and this practice because IT WORKS! The adjustments have taken the pain away and are definitely working.

Phil Jezierski May 2016

I was a little skeptical of the ad in the paper that stated they could help with knee pain. I had been to a doctor for about 7 years dealing with arthritis and the loss of cartilage in my knee. After an exam and x-rays they spelled out the treatment for me. In the following days after the first session my knee pain was almost nothing and I could bend my knee to put on my pants. I hadn’t done this without pain for about 5 years! Hoping that the progress will continue and I will no longer have to take Aleve. Thanks Ms. Lacey the Laser!


When I started coming to Dr. Crilley, I had lots of pain in my knees and I walked all the time with a cane. Since seeing Dr. Crilley, I have a lot less pain and I’m walking without my cane more than before. I even sometimes FORGET it! I even trotted to the bathroom one day and my daughter commented, “You haven’t done that in a long time.” I feel better after each visit and I feel my knees are much more better. Before going to see Dr. Crilley, when I showered I had to sit on a stool, now I don’t use it. My knees are so much better, having less pain, and walking in and out the house without my cane. My mobility is a lot better. I love to dance, I’m dancing again, and I love that!! Dr. Crilley has an interest in me and making me feel better and that is wonderful. This is the best thing that I could have done. Yes I am looking forward to much more improvement, but the improvement I have is awesome. My family is commenting on my dancing again. They can see the progress! My knees improve daily each visit along with my back arms….EVERYTHING. If you have knee pain see Dr .Crilley. It will decrease and you will feel so much better than before. THANK YOU DR. CRILLEY.

Richard Torrey DECEMBER 2019

Before I started care I was in constant pain. I saw two specialists about my knee pain, and couldn’t turn my neck and couldn’t put on my socks or get into my wife’s car without great difficulty.

Since starting care I no longer have knee pain, my neck has improved, and it is easier to get into my wife’s car. All this was accomplished without any jerking and snapping of bones. Little or no pain.

Dr. Sheree Nwanegwo, MD June 2015

I am so grateful to Dr. Chris Garner, and his courteous staff for the improvement in my knees, neck and back pain. I must say I had my doubts since I am a Medical Doctor, but after hurting throughout my body for years, and taking far too many medicines and injections to relieve my pain as well as not wanting to go through anymore surgery, I decided to try a more natural, hands on and non-medication chiropractic approach to my pain. So after seeing an ad in a local newspaper claiming that cold laser therapy could relieve knee pain without medicines or surgery, this did it for me, and this is how I found Dr. Chris, who has been great! My knee pain has diminished so much from chiropractic care that I am able to become much more active, and to be able to work a full day in my office without being in tears and agony by the end of the day. Thanks to Dr. Chris Garner and staff!

Sherry Hutchins January 2018

Before I started chiropractic care I was experiencing pain in my legs, knees, lower back and leg cramps. Since starting regular chiropractic care I’m experiencing positive changes such as no leg cramp, no back pain, and my knees are much better. I was a bit apprehensive but I have been totally impressed the practice has exceed my expectations, I have received prompt and reliable service. I have only been to one other chiropractor office years ago. This practice does more patient teaching and more modern equipment. I love the roller table and would recommend this practice to anyone. I can see chiropractic benefiting my overall health in the future by helping me prevent damage to my body and improving my overall health. If somebody I knew hasn’t tried it yet, I would recommend it because as a nurse I hate to see people in pain, or addicted to pain medications, by helping relieve pain people will feel better.

Sherry Sutter 2018

I was in such pain and burning with my knees I didn’t know where to turn too. The specialist said no operation. I tried shots they didn’t work. I felt lost, depressed, and I was thinking will I end up in a wheelchair. I found your ad on the internet and said I will try this. I signed up for 30 visits and after the third visit when I was out at a club I noticed the burning in my knees stopped. I couldn’t believe it, then walking out of the club I told my husband to stop. I said I have no more pain in my knees. I truly feel like my life was given back to me. I have been telling everyone about your office. God bless you.

Shirley Campbell    April 3, 2014

   I was experiencing a lot of pain in my left knee. My right knee had been replaced with knee surgery and I didn’t want to go through that again! Reading an ad in the newspaper about cold laser, I decided to try it. I look forward to my appointment to grand Strand health and wellness because the staff was very friendly and helpful. It took about 13 weeks of treatments and I can honestly say the pain in my left knee is gone! I would recommend this practice to anyone suffering with pains and I can say “I did get what I paid for.                              

Susan Gasque February 2019

I first came to Grand Strand Health and Wellness walking with a cane because of a partially torn meniscus in late June 2018. My initial evaluation also showed subluxation of my back involving 3 vertebras. I had laser treatment and adjustments. At first my entire body got very sore but my knee felt better and better after each treatment. The length of time that I felt better continued to increase. After about two weeks of treatment, I had more energy and the stiffness and soreness went away. I began to forget my cane because I felt so well. After about a month I no longer needed a cane and I walked much better. Now I am having Dr. Crilley work on my wrists and hands under my thumb where I have arthritis. The laser has taken the swelling down and reduced the pain significantly. The staff members are also wonderful. They work very well together and are very friendly and helpful. Elizabeth their massage therapist, is wonderful. I have had many massages, but none as diagnostic and therapeutic. She was able to help pinpoint what was going on with my hands.


After 8-10 years of chronic knee pain, I was put on pain pills (narcotics.) Over these five years, side effects became bad and had to be detoxified off of these medications. The good Lord sent me a flyer in the mail for Grand Strand Health and Wellness.

I made an appointment and WOW what a group of wonderful people! I cannot say enough good things about the staff at Grand Strand Health and Wellness. I can see they really wanted to help me. They are all so professional and love their jobs and I grew to love them all. They took my pain away and gave me my life back. I am happy for the first time in years! I read somewhere that those who help the Lords’ children with physical needs get a special reward in Heaven. May the Lord bless and keep you all!

William E. Cameron  APRIL 2017

I was experiencing knee pain in my right knee, and was dreading the thought of surgery, when I saw the doctor’s ad in the newspaper, stating that the doctor could cure your pain without surgery, I was impressed. After going to the doctor, my knee is pain free!

Laura Doolittle July 2020

Before beginning Pro-Soft treatment, my knee was swollen to almost twice it’s normal size & was painful when I put my weight on it. I also had a lot of pain below my knee, radiating from knee to ankle. Theses pains often wake me up at night. After 12 treatments, my knee is close to normal size & my knee pain has lessened somewhat. The pains no longer wake me at night. I am encouraged by the

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