Cathie Walsh – June 2014

Kathy Summers… What to say about her?  So much to say, so little space. I have been receiving massages from Kathy for awhile now as a compliment to chiropractic services. I have been blessed to be able to receive messages for most of my adult life and am pleased to say that Kathy is the best masseuse that I have ever had. She shines in regards to her professionalism yet she is so down to earth in her personality. I have come to rely on her knowledge in terms of my physical well being as she is always available to my multitude of questions. I love that she is always interested in the latest techniques and looks at the whole person in terms of health. Now, for the obvious: I melt as she is able to relieve stress from my tight muscles. I feel so much better, so much more relaxed since her massages. Aches and pains have decreased. My mind is cleared and my mood is always lifted as I exit the massage. I would and have recommended Kathy to several friends and know that all would benefit from her knowledge of her art and compassion to serve with the highest quality. Now, if you’ll excuse me, it’s time for my massage!

David Earl Shelley – June 2014

My testimony is about the benefits of massage therapy, specifically massage therapist, Kathy Summers.  I have had the occasional massage for feet and back pain for 20 years.  Sure, they all felt good and relaxing but the pain soon came back, usually within hours.  Kathy suggested I have massages on a regular time schedule.  She does not just oil up and rub me down but targets certain vertebra, joints and muscles.  I feel much better after each massage and the physical benefits last much longer.  Having massages on a regular basis has greatly improved my pain and quality of life.  Not only does she cause positive changes in my back, but with her friendly and caring personality, I feel overall good health and happiness.

Elfi Rottenbucher – May 6, 2014

My name is Elfi and I am 74 years old.  I am also an insulin dependent diabetic with arthritis.  I have been under chiropractic care for over 2 years, but by adding massage therapy to the chiropractic care is really a great improvement to my overall feeling better, especially to my legs and neck. I am very pleased with Kathy who gives me an excellent massage treatment.  The staff and Dr. Garner at the Grand Strand Health and Wellness Center are all very professional and courteous.  I am very grateful to all of them.

Elizabeth “Liz” Barber – 5/14/14

Sore muscles from yard work, volunteer work, housework, shopping and even long travel in car or on a plane have taken their toll on my shoulders and back.  Even tension headaches can plague me – but I finally have these under control with regular visits to Dr. Chris and massage therapist, Kathy Summers.  Stress relief and general sense of well being are wonderful side benefits of regular massage.  Relaxation and calmness are Kathy’s goal for each visit and when I leave I am already looking forward to my next visit.  A mini vacation!!

Before I started massage care I was experiencing tension headaches and stiffness in my shoulders and neck.  Since having regular care, I am experiencing the following positive changes:  few headaches, if any; far less “knots” in my muscles.

Kathy is very compassionate and skilled.  Treating myself to a massage with her once a month is my little luxury.  It is a very relaxing time; more than worth the price; a calm and soothing atmosphere. I absolutely recommend this practice.  It helps in maintaining a well balanced body and benefiting my overall health.  When your body is relaxed and working properly, everything else falls into place.

Iris Dian July 30, 2013   

I started chiropractic care eighty-six years ago when I was six years old. I was very ill – weak anemic with bronchial asthma. Chiropractic turned my poor health around in a hurry. I started to eat – gain strength and enjoy life. I had missed the whole first grade of school. I have seen a few different chiropractors in my time and many around the country. Of all places I have been, Dr. Garner, his staff, and Kathy, his massage therapist are the best I have ever had. I am moving again and I will miss them terribly. I will be back to visit, that is for sure. Chiropractic care was the answer to my parent’s prayer.

Jack Ebright – August 6, 2014

In the early 1970’s I was introduced to the power and importance of massage and physical touch. It’s been my good fortune to have had many professional massages from highly qualified massage therapist, male and female, young and old, deep and intensive, warm and relaxing. I’ve enjoyed them all. Frankly, though, there are differences. Some therapist had great techniques but little attunement to my body. Others have been intuitive but not very knowledgeable of body physiology. When I first met Kathy Summers I was already seeing a well-known local massage therapist who was excellent. I didn’t switch to Kathy because I didn’t love my previous massage therapist but because Kathy is AWESOME. Kathy’s knowledge of physiology is amazing and her understanding of how to apply that knowledge is what sets her apart. She studies your body as she begins her work; she analyzes, hypothesizes, and explores your body’s needs. We see skin; she sees muscles and tendons. We feel discomfort; she feels knots begging to relax. I know when I see Kathy for a massage that she will better understand my physical aches and pains than even I do. She is the best! For the stress relief and healing that she provides I am forever grateful. It is impossible to recommend her more highly.

Jeanette Chichester  June 2014

Before I started massage therapy I was in pain all the time. My pain level is next to zero at this point. I have been going to Dr. Garner’s office for 2 years. 

Kathy (massage therapist) has helped me with my pain.  She always answers any questions that I may have and always recommends different things that help me such as exercise or natural things that I can do to keep all my joints in working order. 

When I first started going to her I had much pain in my lower back, my neck and my shoulders. I sit at a computer all day which causes stress in these areas. After her massage I go home completely relaxed and feel wonderful. I highly recommend a massage with Kathy. She is the most personable and knowledgeable of all the massage therapists I have been to and I have used four others before her. She is the best.

Karen Rex    June 2014

Before massage therapy, I was experiencing pain and stress. I started massage and I can’t believe the difference. My pain is greatly reduced and I feel so much more relaxed and comfortable all the time. I have learned exercise routines to help develop strength and muscle so that I can avert aching and feel better on a daily basis. When I go for massage, I don’t have to wait.  My appointment is prompt and always exceeds my expectations. I have had a little experience with massage before but never as good as this. I feel as if the time is so long and that I’ve gotten much more than I paid for,  in terms of relief and well-being. I would highly recommend Kathy Summers and this practice. I plan to continue for the long term as I know it contributes to my good health! I have recommended this to friends and will continue to do so. Massage has changed my life.

Mary Sawyer    4/16/2014

Thirty years ago, I  had my first bout of sciatica. Since that time, I have seen a chiropractor regularly. Massage therapy had been recommended to alleviate the muscle spasms in my neck and shoulders as well as deal with the stress of work (adolescent psychiatric nurse). I never followed up on these recommendations. I always thought massage therapy was a luxury, not something that would give me long lasting relief.

Three years ago I quit smoking. I thought I would treat myself to 6 half hour sessions with Kathy. I had so much relief of muscle spasms (some I didn’t realize I had!), I  have included regular massage therapy in my budget along with chiropractic care. She has improved my flexibility, range of motion and I believe has prevented any acute subluxations or sciatica.  My  degenerative condition and arthritis in my spine will never go away, but Kathy Summers and   Dr. Garner  have kept me relatively pain free. I have been able to continue to golf (4-5x/week). Not only play the game but improve my performance from a 30 handicap, down to a 17 handicap. I truly believe the therapeutic massage was the addition I needed to improve my level of functioning, health and well being. I look forward weekly to my half hour session. It is the best part of my week.

Phyllis Wicker  June 2014

Before I started massage care, I was experiencing swelling in my ankles and legs.  This has been a problem for many years.  After massage, my legs seem lighter and my ankles and feet are much smaller, as the excess fluid has been moved from my legs and ankles.  My shoes seem much larger after a massage!  Most recently, massage has helped the arthritis in my hands.  I am NOT taking Aleve daily.  My left hand is just fine and my right hand is such that I am able to type, write and use my hand almost normally!  After chiropractic care and a massage, I feel so relaxed.  Overall, I feel better since starting massage and chiropractic care. I am able to schedule appointments that are convenient for me.  All of the staff members are courteous and helpful.  I have recommended this practice to several friends and co-workers.

Tom Herzog   June 2014

I experience sciatica, alot of muscle cramps and body stress due to my work and the gym. I have been to many many massage therapists. The massage therapist at this establishment is only 1 of 2 that is outstanding in what she does in my opinion. The care, the privacy and the professionalism that is performed here is outstanding. I have been coming here for several years now and will continue to come back as long as Kathy is the masseuse. Not only do I get a great, relaxing, therapeutic massage but also great advice on stretching and exercises that can help my issues.

Before I started therapeutic massage, I was experiencing tight muscles, cramps, stiffness and overall discomfort in my body especially sciatica nerve and hamstrings. Since starting regular massages, I am more flexible, alot less pain in the sciatic nerve and alot fewer muscle cramps. My service here is always on time and very relaxing. I have received top notch service here. Price is not even a factor. I like the professionalism of the staff and the establishment. I would definitely recommend this practice. Grand Strand Health and Wellness is the best I have experienced in the area.

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