Our goal at Grand Strand Health & Wellness is to help you live a healthier life without pain getting in the way. Here are some patients, just like you that have found relief through our treatments & services.

Antonia P. Waltz    October 30, 2017

I  had been treated for neuropathy at the office of Dr. Garner, its been very successfully, two weeks into the treatment I was totally relieved of the symptoms like numbness, tingling, burning, in my feet. My experience with the practice met my expectations, the service was prompt and reliable. I like mostly the way you are treated at the office, the girls are friendly, patient and always very positive attitude. I’ll recommend without second thought this practice to anybody in the future. Thank you, thank you for making me feel strong and so well so soon.

Robert McRae March, 2019

      Before I started chiropractic care, I was experiencing swelling in my lower legs, accompanied with what other physicians diagnosed as neuropathy. I was also experiencing routine aches and occasional stabbing pain in my right knee. If that wasn’t enough, my lower back began to ache much more frequently than in the past. After attending one of Dr. Crilley’s informational presentations one evening, I decided to try this different approach; to treat the problems physically, not the pain with medications. Since starting my care, I’m having less pain in my feet and legs, allowing me to sleep more comfortably. I’ve noticed the return of some normal sensations in my feet, too; not so much numbness. My knee still has its moments, but not as frequently and not as intense as before I began adjustments. My lower back is improving gradually as well. I am continually impressed with how efficiently the staff moves the myriad of patients through their treatments, and remembers each and every one’s name. I am excited to continue my treatments and I’m confident that Dr. Crilley and his staff will do everything they can to help me return to good health! I highly recommend exploring the chiropractic approach to a healthy life, as opposed to popping pills to mask your body’s problems. There’s no excuse, and there’s nothing to lose taking that first step at Grand Strand Health & Wellness!

Bruce Lake August 2018

In July I attended an educational diabetes presentation sponsored by Grand Strand Health and Wellness. Dr. Crilley did a fine job explaining important nutritional aspects of diabetes care and he also mentioned that they had laser treatments and a “rebuilder” in the office. His description sounded like it might help with the neuropathy I have experience in my feet and toes. (I have had type 2 diabetes for 20+ years.)

                Was I skeptical? Yes, I guess that’s just my nature…but my initial visit to the office showed me how much the office staff cares about each patient. After just 5 weeks of laser and rebuilder treatments I noticed marked improvement in my feet. I no longer felt like I had an anvil on my toes and the feeling was returning to my feet. My biggest surprise was completely unexpected. In 2004 I sprained my right foot and it never healed properly. For 14 years, every step was painful unless I walked with the pressure on the outside of that foot. I had dealt with the discomfort for so long that I just lived with it and failed to even mention it to the doctor during my initial visit. If it had not healed in all that time I figured it never would.                 A month after starting treatment I realized that my right foot no longer hurt when I walked normally. I feel that the treatments have made a big improvement with my neuropathy issues and a 90 to 95 percent reduction of the pain on the instep of my right foot. Personally I highly recommend Grand Strand Health and Wellness. Do you have doubts like I did? Just put those doubts aside and don’t hesitate to visit their office to see the information they have available in the office and check out the many treatments and chiropractic services they provide. I am glad that I did!!

Gerry Baumgartner February 2019

When I first began neuropathy treatment at the Grand Strand Health and Wellness center, I had pain and numbness in both feet to the extent that I had trouble walking. Which affected my posture and I was not able to stand up straight. After my third treatment the numbness subsided, and the pain was minimal. My posture improved and the pain subsided tremendously over the next few sessions. I was walking almost normal again! I am amazed at the results I have had and wished I had not waited all this time when help was available to me all along. I found Dr. Garner, Dr. Crilley and all the staff very professional and loving in every step we have taken. I am half way through my care plan and would recommend it to anyone who has problems.

Hazel Bordwine June 2015

I have been experiencing problems with my back, hip and foot for years. I even had two surgeries on my foot to relieve the pain that kept me from even walking very well. All of this though, had to be over-looked as I was also the care provider for my husband, whose health was rather bad for several years during this same period of time. I found that I had to take care of him and just work through my pain, even though I did visit other doctors, I still remained in pain and I could not find a doctor that would take time to research a holistic approach that would get me well again. I received shots that did more damage than good and spoke with a doctor that even suggested surgery. Unfortunately, but also fortunately, I could not take time away from my care giving duties for surgery or more doctor visits that brought no relief or very limited relief. After my husband passed away last December, I realized just how badly I felt and not wanting to go back to any of the previous doctors, I saw an advertisement for Dr. Garner. I left the information on my dining room table until one day I decided to make the call. And what a great call it turned out to be. I have been seeing Dr. Garner since May now and I already feel like a new person. He took the time to listen to me and to develop a holistic program that worked all of the problem areas in order to help me be the person I wanted to be. Today I am still seeing Dr. Garner, my shoulders and posture are getting much better, my back is in much better shape and I find that I can once again do things around the house that use to cause such pain. No more discussions of shots and surgeries, just his great effort to help me get around better and to do the things I want to do. In addition to Dr. Garner’s great care, he also has a very knowledgeable and caring staff. I very much appreciate the excellent care I have received and look forward to my continued visits.

Jack Doris September 2018

I attended a free seminar with friends just to see what was available because I had similar treatments 3 years ago, but after 1 year they didn’t work. Well after a nice free lunch and seminar I decided to give this pain group a try. The pain in my feet at times was unbearable.

                After 1 month of treatments I have some really good days where as before I had none. Pain seems to have moved, isn’t as sharp, and not as frequent. I can actually sit and watch TV without saying “OUCH” every few minutes and my wife saying “WHAT, WHAT, WHAT!”

                By nature I am very fishy, questioning, and doubting; so I came into this office with a “OK I’m here, Help Me” attitude. Well shut my mouth. They did! The employees are wonderful, caring, friendly, and hard working to better the business and make customers comfortable and feel like a friend rather than a number. If this treatment continues to help me, I may be able to do The Twist again someday. For all you youngsters, that’s a dance.                 Just a quick thumbs up for all the workers who amaze me by their knowledge as to what each person needs next and does it without being told. Talk about A+ for the business. WOW!!! And Dr. Crilley you are great. You make me comfortable and help my pain. Except for a million dollars, who could ask for more?! And if you do hurt me I’ll deal with it because I read your bio… And I didn’t forget Dr.Garner. A great office takes a great leader and I know you are on top of everything. I wish I had the energy of everyone in the office. And just one more thing…I WILL RING THAT BELL!!!!

Joan Baumgartner Feb 2015

I originally went to Dr Garner for neuropathy in my feet. The cold laser treatments have stopped the pain and burning that I was experiencing, especially at night. Because I can now get into a deep restorative sleep, my energy level has increased to where I no longer need a nap every day. Upon examination, Dr Garner also found I had a misalignment in my neck that was causing me to have migraines. With only six treatments to my neck and spine, I have had only two since I began. The results from both of these treatments have been remarkable to say the least. I can’t say enough about Dr. Garner and his staff. I fully intend to recommend them to everyone I know who needs help.

John Williams February 2015

I went to Dr. Gardner after reading an advertisement in the newspaper offering a complete evaluation of overall and specific health problems where chiropractic care could correct the problems or offer pain relief without the use of medications. I have been a patient of chiropractors for many years and firmly believe in the services and strategies that are used for these purposes and overall general health.

I developed pretty severe pain on the right side of my right foot due to a severe sports injury 40 years ago. Although surgery was performed at that time, I was experiencing quite severe burning and tingling on the outside of my foot so I thought the cold laser treatment would be beneficial.

The cold laser treatment, electrical stimulation and the adjustments to my foot and knees by Dr. Garner have brought tremendous relief from the pain. I am also a big fan of the Pro Adjuster. It makes sense to make the adjustments in a less radical fashion and keep the spine properly aligned and I have been very pleased with the results. I will continue to be a patient of Dr. Garner and will receive regularly scheduled care which includes all of the available services. I take advantage of all of the services Dr Garner offers including physical massage, therapy, laser and electrical stimulation. Because this is a complete, comprehensive approach combined with proper nutrition and exercise, I know that I will be able to continue to enjoy the physical activities that I enjoy – PAIN FREE – as I continue to age thanks to this caring doctor and his equally caring staff.

Joyice Waters  June 2019

I was diagnosed with pre-diabetes in 2010. I thought oh well I don’t really have diabetes so just did nothing at that time. It continued to get worse until I had full blown type 2 diabetes and had to start taking medication for it and watching what I ate. I had to give up some of my favorite foods. After a while I started noticing a feeling of numbness and burning in my feet. Then one day my doctor told me that I had an abnormal gait. Then I realized that I had diabetic neuropathy. I read everything I came across about neuropathy. But nothing told me what to do about it. I just figured I had to live with it. It would wake me up from a sound sleep burning so bad that I would look at my feet and think I was going to see flames. I would have to take my feet from under the sheets in order to get them to stop burning. As I said I read anything and everything I could read,. As most people do.  I would scroll through Facebook postings and read whatever was there about neuropathy. One day I came across a posting of Dr. Garners. He was offering a special to come have x-rays done and talk to his staff. I responded to the posting. It was just a matter of minutes and my phone rang and it was someone from his office. She was a very nice person and immediately set me up with an appointment.

When I walked in the door to the office I was cheerfully greeted with a great big hello and smiling faces. Everyone was so friendly and helpful. It was like visiting good friends and family. I have been going here for several weeks now and I get the same treatment every time I walk in. when I am out for a while, I actually miss not seeing them.  I would definitely recommend them to any one that needs a good chiropractor. Just wish I had heard about them a lot sooner. I just love all the people that I come in contact with on each of my visits. They are the best!!

Thank you for your prompt attention and all that you have done.

Karen Osterhuber     October 9, 2012

Before I started chiropractic care I was experiencing severe pain in my right hip running down my leg and numbness in my foot. I was also on medication and received injections for the pain. I found out that the vertebral subluxation complex in my lower back was putting pressure on the sciatic nerve. Since starting regular chiropractic care I’m experiencing the following positive changes that the pain is now gone and the daily back pain I under control. I can see chiropractic benefiting my overall health in the future by maintaining relief. If somebody I knew hasn’t tried it yet, I would recommend it because I have received amazing success. Dr. Garner and his staff show that they truly care for their patients in a very professional way.

Kathy Dye December 2016

In April 2015, after 4 years of being diagnosed with neuropathy in my feet due to Lyme’s disease, I contacted Grand Strand Health and Wellness. I had dealt with my podiatrist, a neurologist, taken various prescriptions and still had incredible pain and very few answers to my questions. After my initial visit and then the proceeding follow-up, I had the first hope of help in those 4 years. I started treatments with Cold Laser along with Re-Builder and within weeks was able to walk without having to drag either foot. This was incredible; as just a few weeks before, I would get out of my vehicle and have to stand for minutes before I could begin to walk. I have been visiting for 6 months now and although my feet have their “days”, I would have never dreamed I could have come this far. Dr. Garner and his staff are like family. From the very beginning, you would walk in the office and everyone knows your name. Every visit there is concern for your pain level. There is so much knowledge to be gained by watching the videos and talking to this well- educated, friendly staff. I would and do recommend Grand Strand Health and Wellness to everyone I can!!

Laura Doolittle June 2019

I tried the Wellness Center as a last resort. My family doctor did not encourage me but my neuropathy was debilitating and was getting worse. When I came here, I was surrounded by kindness, caring and encouragement. My improvement is slow but it is definitely happening. I no longer drive because my feet are too numb but after a few months here, the numbness is subsiding. People say I am walking better and I can walk a short distance without my cane!!!! Not only is the Wellness Center helping me physically, it has giving me hope. When I think of where I was vs where I am now, it’s hard not to believe in miracles.

Lois Dalgliesh June 2015

Numbness, tingling and pain in my feet and legs had been interfering with my sleep. I saw the ad regarding the cold laser treatment for neuropathy and decided to give it a try.

After a few visits with Rachael, the pain and numbness in my feet has practically disappeared. This has been worth it! The staff is very good!

Noreen Gordon June 2015

I had nerve damage from a lower back injury (due to a car accident) in both of my feet. It was recommended that I try the foot treatment (cold laser therapy and rebuilder) to see if it would alleviate some of the pain, when I came to Grand Strand Health & Wellness. I am so impressed with the excellent results I am feeling. In 4 weeks, after ten treatments from Rachael, my feet are almost pain free, which is amazing since I’ve lived with the pain for over 20 years. I will be recommending this service to everyone seeking relief from joint pain.

Pam Kidder February 2020

I have had pain in my lower back for DECADES and DECADES!! I had my first PEMF treatment and to my utter amazement, the pain was gone. I will continue the PEMF treatments forever. I am grateful this treatment is available to me!!!

Patrick McLear April 2016

For the last 3 years, I have had severe diabetic neuropathy in my right leg. When I started the treatment I did not know what to expect, but after 3 treatments the result was better than I expected. The ladies in the office were very informative and let me know, through every step, what was going to happen. I had only been to a neurologist before and came here and they did not detect any abnormalities in my spine. It is well worth the cost to have this done and I liked all the treatments and I would recommend Dr. Garner and his staff. I would like to thank them all for their help.

Rho Anderson DECEMBER 2019

PEMF has been most beneficial for me. I’d lost the ability to stand on one leg and had difficulty walking without stumbling, even though I wasn’t experiencing dizziness. Foot and leg pains were nearly intolerable. Driving had become difficult. Since treatment began the difficulties have disappeared and the pains are minimal. I look forward to continuing treatments, knowing that the light remaining problems will be dealt with. I’ve been most pleased with the treatment and care I’ve found here. The staff are the most caring and friendly I’ve encountered in any practice. I’m grateful that Dr. Crilley continues to do research on neuropathy and brings new treatments to his patients. The level of education provided here is exceptional. I have recommended his services and regret that people haven’t tried them.

Robert Pagano January 3, 2014

I have been treated for the past 2 years for a condition in my feet called peripheral neuropathy.  I cannot tell you how many miles I traveled from the North end to the South end of the Grand Strand seeing numerous specialists. I was experiencing constant sharp pain, numbness, tingling and swelling to the point my toes felt like they were encased. I wasn’t able to work, I couldn’t play golf or bowl, and I wasn’t able to enjoy going grocery shopping! When I got to Dr. Garner I was at my wits end. After the first treatment the swelling in my feet and the pain was considerably reduced.  Within 3 months, my problems had cleared up. Now that I have had cold laser therapy and the ProAdjuster back adjustments over the past three months, I can sit here and say that my feet are feeling absolutely marvelous. I would like to thank Dr. Garner and his wonderful staff and I would highly recommend this office for anyone because he is absolutely wonderful!

Shirley Meader May 28, 2013

Before starting chiropractic care I was having sharp pains in my toes and on the balls of my feet as well as numbness in my toes and burning on the bottom of my feet.

The numbness is now minor, the burning is gone, and the sharp pains have disappeared.

Prior to this treatment, I went to a neurologist and podiatrist but nothing they did helped. Dr. Garner is the best!

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