Plantar Fasciitis & Orthotics


Our goal at Grand Strand Health & Wellness is to help you live a healthier life without pain getting in the way. Here are some patients, just like you that have found relief through our treatments & services.

Kate Buscher  APRIL 2017

After being a patient at Grand Strand Health and Wellness for about seven months, I was noticing good results with my knee and back pain, but had a feeling things could be even better. I read a brochure about Orthotics and decided to have my feet tested and then I ordered specially made orthotics for my various “fallen arches”, etc. The result is wonderful. After wearing the inserts for about three days, I noticed increased pain relief in my knees as well as better posture as the inserts are helping my skeletal system to recover from knee misplacement. I recommend everyone with knee and/or hip pain to consider personally prescribed orthotics.

Kim Tripp January 2022

Before I received chiropractic care I was experiencing pain in my Achilles on left foot and bilateral plantar fasciitis in my feet. I started getting adjustments in my feet/ankles and along with that I received graston (adhesion breakers) with Trina, life changers. Prior to all this I was unable to walk without pain. Just a few weeks started with this group and I’m up to six miles so far walking again. Thank you so much for everything you’ve done so far!!

Jeanne Fletcher July 2020

I have a metal rod in my second toe on my right foot from surgery done about ten years ago. The doctor was also supposed to align my big toe which has a bunion, but decided I should return a different time for that procedure. He did fix the hammertoe with the metal rod as originally discussed.

I have what my birth doctor told my mom “frog toes” as they curl somewhat under each other (better to grip for climbing trees). Since my second toe now straight and stationary, this has caused me discomfort with my third toe wanting to go under the second toe. I tried to fix the problem with some toe gels, but that seemed to cause bruising on the top of my foot radiating near toe wo and three.

When I came for a regular session with Dr. Crilley and saw the advertisement for the Pro-Soft 360, I requested we try it on my sore foot. The pain was mostly gone the first time the Pro-Soft was used on my foot. After the six treatments, my feet felt great. I still have a bunion on my right foot, my third toe still curls under, but I know what can be done should I have pain again in that foot.

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