Our goal at Grand Strand Health & Wellness is to help you live a healthier life without pain getting in the way. Here are some patients, just like you that have found relief through our treatments & services.

AdeneFrizzell May 2014

I was doing a little touch up cleaning in our home and without warning I had an excruciating pain in my shoulder. I told my husband I needed to see a doctor and he said you need a chiropractor. Being new to the area we had no idea where to find one. I truly believe it was by divine intervention we saw Dr. Garner’s chiropractic sign-pulled in- parked and the rest of the story is all well and good. After seeing Dr. Garner, I felt no more pain. I have continued to see Dr. Garner for routine chiropractic care because I want to stay fit and active, after all I’m only in my seventy’s.

If you have not tried chiropractic care I recommend you make an appointment with Dr. Garner today. He and his staffare very dedicated to their profession. They were very pleasant and so helpful from the beginning. Everything done by Dr. Garner and his staff was way above average.

My body and mind have benefitted tremendously. Make your appointment today. You too can feel like a whole new person. Don’t wait. See Dr. Chris Garner today!

Barbara Martin April 2015

Way back in December of 2007, I took a bad fall outside Waccamaw Community Hospital. As hard as it is to believe, I broke both of my arms. The right one had only one break, but the left one was broken in 2 places at the shoulder. I was immobile for 6 weeks while it healed. The right one was back to normal at the end of 6 weeks. The left one never healed. My left arm was basically not useable. I could not raise it above my waist.

I actually believed that I would be this way forever. Then “EUREKA!” Dr. Christopher D. Garner came into my life. I was impressed with his ad in the Sun News entitled “Why haven’t people with shoulder pain been told these facts?” I had at least 5 of the shoulder maladies listed.

I called the office and spoke to a very friendly lady. She made me an appointment, and when I arrived at the office, I was greeted by a very welcoming employee, which is a good indication that the office is filled with happy personnel.

I felt like I made the correct decision to go see him and his staff. Dr. Garner came into the room and was so kind, compassionate and knowledgeable; he put me completely at ease. But the best outcome of the month I have been going is how much better my frozen shoulder has become. I actually washed my hair using my left arm; I had not done that in almost 8 years!

Each visit consists of cold laser therapy, pro-adjustment, and electrical stimulation for pain management. When you leave you feel hopeful and so much better. Regardless of the cost, which is minimal, I will continue to see Dr. Garner for as long as I can to maintain the best possible health.

Billy Hester February 2019

January 2000, I was in a automobile accident that caused damage to my right shoulder. The past nineteen years I have been unable to sleep on my right side of my body. Sleeping on my right arm would cause it to go numb and take hours for my right arm to return to normal. During the past nineteen years I worked as a mail carrier with a thirty -five-pound mail bag on my right shoulder which added to pain and discomfort. I am very appreciative of Grand Strand Health and Wellness. I learned for the first time in my life the importance of chiropractic care and wellness for a better quality of life. Thanks to Dr. Garner, Dr. Crilley and their outstanding staff. Finally, in February 2019 I am “pain free” and sleeping on my right side of my body! Chiropractic care will now be a part of my lifestyle. Thank you all for your great work and services!!

Robert Lewis July 2015

Before I started chiropractic care, I was hurting from a shoulder injury and was in pain. I saw the ad in the newspaper and called for an appointment. That is how I met Dr. Garner and his wonderful crew.

On my first visit I was not sure what to expect, for this would be my first visit with a chiropractic Dr.

That first visit was enough to make me return for more treatments. The staff was very informative and very pleasant. On that first visit they took at least an hour to go over what I could expect and covered what my insurance would cover and what my expense would be. This was very helpful in making my decision to return and to continue treatments.

After about six visits my arm is much better and I can almost use it normally.

One big thing that impressed me about this office is that you do not sit for an hour to be helped. Usually no more than ten minutes.

If I know of anyone, or hear of anyone, with aches and pains, I will definitely recommend Dr. Garner and his staff. 

As a patient, when you have a setback you would naturally think that what happened could be the fault of the Doctor or his staff. Don’t think that until you are sure that you have been doing everything that you are supposed to be doing to help with the treatment. It makes things a little harder to get the problem taken care of. I have been guilty of this and I have found that I have to get back with the program and get things done. I also noticed a drop in my blood sugar. It has been lower overall, and has dropped as much as 50 points!

Davina Cowdrick  April 2015

After 3 weeks of adjustments and laser treatments, my pain in my shoulders has almost disappeared. I am sleeping better and able to do more!

Diane Billings January 2022

Within the last ten years I have had two rotator cuff surgeries and been through months of physical therapy which left me experiencing constant, sharp, incapacitating pain in my shoulders and bicep muscles. I was to the point that I thought I was going to have to live with this the rest of my life. Then I went to the Blue Crab Festival and came upon the booth set up by Grand Strand Health and Wellness and listened to what they had to offer. I thought, hey why not! Let me tell you this was a gift from God. I went in for my consultation and x-ray just two days later and walked into the friendliest and efficient medical facility I have ever been in. Everyone was so attentive and super nice and they continue to be each and every time I come in for treatment. I had absolutely no idea what a chiropractor actually did or could do, as I had never been to one before, and within two weeks I was feelings so much relief. While I am not 100% pain free yet I feel confident that by continuing the treatment plan I will be sooner or later. I would not only recommend chiropractic treatment for healing but I would definitely recommend this particular practice. They work together as a team and treat each patient like a family member. Thank you God for leading me to this wonderful group of healing professional!

Elfi Rottenbucher October 23, 2012

Before I started chiropractic care I was experiencing pain in my shoulder going the length of my arm and into my finger tips. The pain had began to get worse. Since starting regular chiropractic care at Grand Strand Health and Wellness I have experienced relief since the first treatment. After the third treatment I had almost no pain at all. That makes me very happy with the entire treatment I receive. I can see chiropractic benefiting my overall health in the future by continuing with treatment. If somebody I knew hasn’t tried it yet, I would recommend it because Dr. Garner is extremely efficient as well as his staff. Everyone is professional and very friendly.

Frances Hall 2017

I started this journey back in May 2017. I have a partially torn radiator cuff in my left shoulder. My husband was reading the news paper one day and passed a section to me to read. This noted “Why haven’t people with shoulder pain been told these facts?” I had already gone to an orthopedic doctor, had physical therapy, and given cortisone shots twice. I am now trying to prevent myself from having surgery. So I called and discussed my issues with Grand Strand Health and Wellness. I was given an appointment to come in for x-rays and then a follow up for a plan to help me. So I started MLS laser and adjustments with them three times weekly. At this time I no longer have the pain that I started out with. My pain level in the beginning was between a five and six and now is a level one or two. Also my mobility has come so far. So at this time I would like to give a great big thumbs up to Grand Strand Health and Wellness. Not only have I been helped medically but have gained a family. I cannot praise them enough for their knowledge, friendliness, and organization. May God bless each of you for not only being there for me but my husband as well.

George Heger May 30, 2013

Before I started chiropractic care I was experiencing lower neck, upper back and shoulder pain. I’ve always slept on my stomach, and slept restlessly. Since coming to Grand Strand Health and Wellness, Dr. Garner told me sleeping on my stomach was the worst way to sleep and I should sleep on my back or fetus position with a pillow between my knees. I can honestly say since coming here, I’ve never felt better and I am sleeping more soundly. My shoulder pain and neck pain have diminished.

Hal Sealy February 2015

I came to Dr. Garner’s office in March 2015 after reading an advertisement, because I have suffered from bad shoulder pain for over a year. I had over 20 physio visits and several chiropractic treatments in Canada with very little results. Dr. Garner and his staff at this point have treated me four times and I have gone from very little mobility to regular range with very little pain. I can’t believe it and I would recommend this office to anyone!

Joanne Knable July 7, 2014

Before chiropractic care, I was experiencing burning pain between my shoulder blades, under my breastbone, and around my back for six months. Since beginning care, my back does not bother me as much and it makes me so happy I want to do the happy dance! My experience with Grand Strand Health and Wellness has definitely exceeded my expectations. The service is always prompt and reliable. Dr. Chris and staff are wonderful! I love the massage bed and I do plan to continue my treatment with follow up visits because it continues to help and it feels great!

Kory Hottenstein April 2015

I was experiencing shoulder pain, and regular chiropractic care has decreased the pain and improved my range of motion. It feels good that everyone knows my name and that my treatment plan was personalized to me. It is very affordable for the amount of services received. The Pro-Adjuster has benefits over manual adjustments in that I noticed less pain. I would refer anyone, and I trusted the practice enough for my mother to have an assessment. I have goals to remain healthy in body, mind and spirit and want to prevent rather than intervene. I recommend chiropractic before going to an M.D. and being handed drugs to put a band-aid on the problem rather than solve it.

Laiken Casillo NOVEMBER 2019

I started chiropractic care because I’ve been involved in a car accident and dislocated my shoulder. I was expecting just to be told I needed surgery but as soon as I walked in the Grand Strand Health and Wellness Center the staff made me feel like family and did everything possible to make sure I was comfortable and wouldn’t have to get surgery. My shoulder hasn’t felt this god in a while, and hasn’t dislocated again since I’ve been under your care. Since being under chiropractic care I’ve been sleeping better, and I rarely ever get headaches compared to getting them every other day!

Louise Garcia August 11, 2017

Before I started chiropractic care at Grand Strand Health and Wellness, I suffered severe pain in my shoulders and lower back. I was told I needed a shoulder replacement. After just three weeks of care, my pain had been reduced greatly and my range of motion has greatly improved. The staff goes beyond and above to make me comfortable and make my appointment times convenient for me. Dr. Crilley is very competent and caring toward my needs for recovery. I would tell anyone who has back, neck, or any joint pain and also generalized bodily malfunctions to come to Grand Strand Health and Wellness for chiropractic care. It is outstanding and like no other practice I have gone to.

Marge Healy April 2016

I knew I needed help when I was becoming more and more dependent on my husband to assist with household chores. Simple tasks caused pain. I couldn’t put on or remove a jacket without help and dressing was a challenge. I had trouble sleeping related to the pain in my arms.

I had been diagnosed with frozen shoulders and arthritis. I thought surgery was my only option until I read Dr. Garner’s advertisement in the Sun News. I had nothing to lose, so I made an appointment for an evaluation. Dr. Garner reviewed my x-rays and physical limitations to determine if he could help me with cold laser.

I truly appreciated the patient education provided to explain treatments and procedures. The office is run efficiently and the staff is friendly and courteous. They are very helpful and patient.

After about two weeks of treatments the improvement in my condition was remarkable. The range of motion in my shoulders had increased dramatically. I can reach for things with little or no pain. I have no trouble dressing and taking of my jacket is a breeze! I am able to move easily and sleep without waking up because of pain. Before undergoing an invasive, painful procedure, I would strongly recommend that you visit Dr. Garner. My only regret is that I didn’t know about this option sooner!

Marsha Wolford 2018

I started going to Grand Strand Health and Wellness for shoulder pain and discovered I was getting other benefits as well. My lower back feels great and my energy level has increased. I was impressed with the new technology. Going to the chiropractor now is a pleasant experience, Dr. Crilley has been great as well as the whole staff. I would highly recommend this practice as I believe it would benefit everyone.

Michael J Bourque Sr. August 1, 2013

Before I started laser treatment I was unable to bend my right arm and unable to lift anything without pain. Within one week of treatment I was able to bend the arm and the pain I felt was reduced by 75-80%! I was amazed at how fast I saw results in the laser treatments. After a month I was almost pain free. The process was pain free and the results are phenomenal! The process was explained to me in depth every step of the way. I would recommend laser to anyone experiencing any pain like I was. Other doctors I saw just wanted to give me pain medications and a shot but both were ineffective in removing the symptoms. Nothing worked until Dr. Garner suggested the laser treatments. Thanks to him I am in a much better state of health and mind.

Minnie McPhillips March 2017

Before I started chiropractic care I was experiencing pain in both my shoulders when I reached back or put my shirt on! Being half way through my treatment, I can honestly say that I can feel improvement. The massages are simply wonderful! The entire staff is friendly and makes you feel comfortable! Highly recommend this chiropractic care if you are experiencing any kind of pain!

Nell Hester March 2019

Before I started my weekly treatment with my chiropractor, I was experiencing pain in my right shoulder. The pain was so severe I couldn’t raise my right arm above my head, making it difficult to do daily tasks such as brushing my hair and getting dress. I finally decided to go see an orthopedic. He ordered an MRI to see what damage had been done. I was told that I would need an operation on my shoulder in my near future. I knew at that moment that I did not want surgery of any kind. My husband had heard about laser therapy, so we found Grand Strand Health and Wellness. We called for an appointment, to our surprise we were able to get in an appointment right away. The first visit was really informative. The office manager (Cindy) took her time to explain and go over everything that we needed to know, she was very thorough. Before we left, we were given an ice pack treatment on our shoulder. My shoulder felt better right away. We were put on a weekly schedule for laser therapy. Every visit left us feeling better than the last one. I would truly recommend coming to Grand Strand Health and Wellness Center to everyone before under going surgery!

Purvi Bhatt  November 2017

I had an accident one year before on August, was treated from bone and joint in Charlotte, NC. But never got as better, I should. So I started getting chiropractic services here after I moved to SC. I am way better than before. No more right shoulder problem left or knees too and back pain also getting so better. All staff are very friendly and so nice. I like the massage therapist too. All over good services.

Richard Barnhorst April 2016

After 9 months of shoulder pain, an MRI revealed a rotator cuff tear, not a complete tear. The surgeon said the operation would correct the problem with 6 months rehabilitation. Dr. Garner suggested MLS Laser Therapy, before any operation, 12 treatments over 4 weeks. After about 7 treatments the pain was almost gone and was able to sleep. After the 12th treatment my shoulder is pain free most of the time. Best thing is no pain when I sleep, it is almost 2 months after my last treatment and the shoulder is still good and no operation.

Sal Lorenzo  August 2018

Before I started chiropractic care I was having long term knee, and shoulder pain. Occasionally my lower back would hurt and sometimes lock. It was hard for me to take long walks and lift my arm above my head or behind my back because of the pain. Since my treatments I have noticed a big improvement. Not only do I take long walks but I even run on the treadmill. I can lift my arm with little or no pain in my shoulder and can almost raise it behind my back. My lower back has no pain at all. You definitely get what you pay for. Not only do you receive excellent treatment but the office staff goes above and beyond to  make sure you feel comfortable. You don’t have to wait very long but the few times that you have to wait didn’t really matter because everyone is very friendly and at peace. I love the informative info that they show on the screens such as nutrition, neck paint, etc. I also like the fact that they put pictures of the staff and their families. You really feel at home there instead of being in an office. I highly recommend this office and the care that you get to anyone who has an issue with back pain, knee pain, shoulder pain, etc. This office will help in a positive holistic approach. I will continue my care for as long as needed because I feel it will benefit my health and I can live a pain free life.


I was playing softball several years ago, and I was ran into on my right shoulder pushing the ball up in the socket. It ended my playing career. I read an article in the paper that said this facility may be able to make the pain in my shoulder go away. So I decided to give it a try. I am so glad that I made that decision because only after a few appointments my shoulder is feeling so much better. Thanks to Dr. Crilley and to Trina, the laser tech. They both have been the best! A great staff; very friendly and they take great care of their patients.

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